Friday, December 15, 2017

Yesterday ++ Pattern Release

Today I get to show you my third and final pattern release of 2018...Yesterday.

Special Introductory Pricing

Yesterday (and the other new patterns) will be available for a special introductory price of $6.50 for one week (ending 8pm on the 22nd). (note: further coupon codes will not work with these patterns.) 

You can find Yesterday on Craftsy and Etsy and all of the new patterns in my Craftsy and Etsy shops.

Yesterday was first published in the spring of 2015 in Make Modern magazine and was juried into QuiltCon 2016.

The design is a modern interpretation on a classic quilt block dating back to the late 1800’s, the “double hour glass” block which is also sometimes referred to as the “wondering lover” block.  I modernized the quilt top design by enlarging the block so that the block became the entire quilt top.

For my version of Yesterday, I used Kona Cotton Solids in White and Black by Robert Kaufman. The batting used was Warm & White by the Warm Company and Aurifil thread was used in the piecing and quilting.

Many, many thanks to Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl and Paige @Quilted Blooms for their help with tech editing this pattern!

As a reminder, here are the 3 new Meadow Mist Designs patterns launched this week, they are each available for $6.50 until 8pm on Friday, December 22nd:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cake Slices ++ Pattern Release

I am excited to show off the second of my three patterns I am launching this week...Cake Slices.

Special Introductory Pricing

I will be posting about one pattern per day (Wednesday - Friday) and they will each be available for a special introductory price of $6.50 each for one week (ending 8pm on the 22nd). (note: further coupon codes will not work with these patterns.) 

You can find Cake Slices on Craftsy and Etsy and all of the new patterns in my Craftsy and Etsy shops.

How Cake Slices came to be...

I designed Cake Slices, a layer cake friendly pattern for the very first Quilter's Planner over 2 years ago. 

The quilt was made using a layer cake of Hello Darling by Bonnie and Camille for Moda and Kona Cotton solid by Robert Kaufman in navy. The batting used was Warm & White by the Warm Company and Aurifil thread was used in the piecing and quilting.  

(Side note: if you would like a 2018 version of the Quilter's Planner you can find it right here.)

About the pattern...

I have now updated Cake Slices to be a stand alone pattern with instructions for 3 sizes, baby, lap, and queen. The pattern also contains a coloring diagram of the quilt top to audition possible color schemes.

Additional colorways

I love to play with coloring quilts, so I played around with Cake Slices to see how the quilt would look with a light background instead of the dark blue.

Many, many thanks to Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl and Paige @Quilted Blooms for their help with tech editing this pattern!

Remember, you can find Cake Slices on Craftsy and Etsy for only $6.50 through Friday the 22nd.  Thanks!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ruby Roads ++ Pattern Release

Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all staying warm, we actually had a snow storm (2 inches!) here in South Carolina on Friday.  We usually get 1-2 snow storms the entire year so to have one so early in December is very unusual.  My kids had a blast playing in the snow and making a snowman.

As we approach the end of the year, I am happy to be able to mark off one of my 2017 goals, releasing patterns for Ruby Roads, Cake Slices, and Yesterday.

Special Introductory Pricing

I will be posting about one pattern per day (Wednesday - Friday) and they will each be available for a special introductory price of $6.50 each for one week (ending 8pm on the 22nd). (note: further coupon codes will not work with these patterns.) 

You can find Ruby Roads on Craftsy and Etsy and all of the new patterns in my Craftsy and Etsy shops.

Today I will be highlighting Ruby Roads...

A little reminder of how Ruby Roads came to be...

My local traditional guild, the Foothills Piecemakers Quilt Guild, hosted an annual quilt challenge back in the spring.  This year, we had to reach into a bucket, pull out a random letter, and make a quilt based on a block starting with that letter.  I picked the letter "R".

I pulled out my favorite quilt block book, "The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters(affiliate link) by Jinny Beyer. From there I just went page by page skimming the blocks starting with the letter R until a block called Ruby Roads caught my eye.  Ruby Roads is an older block dating back to the early 1900's.  I altered the block some and set it on point to give it a different look.

About the pattern...

Ruby Roads is a intermediate level, modern quilt and contains both baby and queen sizes (the layout of the quilts are the same, the blocks and sashing are scaled up for the larger size).

The baby sized version of Ruby Roads is fat eighth friendly and the queen version is fat quarter friendly.
I made the cover quilt (baby sized) using the Les Fleurs collection by Rifle Paper Co. for Cotton + Steel on a white fabric background.  I used my favorite soft white (2021) Aurifil in 50 wt for the piecing and quilting and used Warm & White batting by the Warm Company.

When I initially posted about the Ruby Roads finish I asked if there might be interest in a pattern for the design.  I was blown away at the positive response.  I am sorry it took so long to get this pattern finished, I hope that you enjoy it and I would love to see your versions of Ruby Roads (make sure you share them on social media with #RubyRoadsQuilt).

Many, many thanks to Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl and Paige @Quilted Blooms for their help with tech editing this pattern!

Remember, you can find Ruby Roads on Craftsy and Etsy for only $6.50 through Friday the 22nd.  Thanks!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Best of 2017 Link Party Coming Soon!

It is no secret that I love blog link parties.  One of the main reasons I started my blog was so that I could take part in the sharing of knowledge and inspiration through the parties and so I am very excited to announce that I am hosting my third annual blog linky party, the Best of 2017 Linky Party!

To take part in the link party, simply write a new blog post highlighting your "best" 5 posts from 2017 and linkup.  There is no set way or rules to pick your best, you can pick and highlight your posts anyway you would like.  Some examples include:
  • Posts with the most views
  • Posts with the most comments
  • Posts that provoked the best discussions
  • Posts showing your favorite 2017 finishes
  • Posts of your best tutorials
  • Posts that are simply your favorites
The link party will open the day after Christmas, Tuesday December 26th and will be open for one week ending on Tuesday, January 2nd.

I hope that you will consider writing a post to highlight your best of 2017 and link up!  Here is a button for your blog if you would like:

grab button for Meadow Mist Designs
<div class="meadow-mist-designs-button" style="width: 200px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> <img src="" alt="Meadow Mist Designs" width="200" height="200" /> </a> </div>

While you are waiting for this linky party to start up, you can take a look through the Best of 2015 and 2016.  Thanks!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Magnolia Mystery Quilt ++ Important Dates and FAQ

Yesterday, the quilt top for the Magnolia Mystery Quilt was revealed.  Here is information relating to the prizes and reveal parade...

Important Dates:
  • February 15th - Submissions to the quilt parade due (quilt tops and completed quilts)
  • March 5th-7th - Magnolia Mystery Quilt reveal parade (the parade will be split into multiple days due to the number of quilts)
How to Submit Your Quilt to the Reveal Parade and Be Eligible for Prizes:
  • E-mail a picture of the quilt top or finished quilt by Thursday February 15th. 
  • Address e-mail to
  • Name your photo with your name as the file name, if possible, such as "Cheryl Brickey.jpg". 
  • (optional) Include in your e-mail your location (city, state and/or country) and/or a web address for any related blog posts you would like linked to.
Frequency Asked Questions:
  • Do I need to finish my quilt (quilted and bound) to take part in the parade and be eligible for prizes? No, you can enter pictures of completed quilt tops or finished quilts.
  • I posted my quilt picture to Facebook / Instagram / my blog, am I entered into the parade? - No, you must e-mail your picture to to participate in the parade.
  • I changed up the design (ex. changing up the arrangement of blocks, resizing the quilt, adding border etc), can I still take part in the parade? Yes, all are welcome and we look forward to seeing your take on the design!
  • Do I need to keep my quilt top/finished quilt secret until the reveal parade? No need to keep the quilt tops and finished quilts secret, share any and all pictures of the quilt tops and finished quilts (Facebook, Instagram using #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt, blogs, etc).

Have any other questions?  Leave a comment here or send me an e-mail at

Prize Reminder:

Many, many thanks to the generous sponsors of the Magnolia Mystery Quilt!  Here is the list of sponsors once more...

I am looking forward to an awesome parade!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Magnolia Mystery Quilt ++ Blocks and Quilt Top Reveal

Welcome to the December Instructions for the Magnolia Mystery Quilt, this is the last month of instructions! 

You will be getting both the block instructions and the quilt top finishing instructions this month (I joined the two together because once the blocks are made, I felt the design would become obvious).

You will have until February 15th to finish the quilt top or quilt to be entered into the reveal parade and for the giveaways (I will be posting tomorrow more information about this).

You can find all of the Magnolia Mystery Quilt information and posts can be found here.  We are having such fun, please join us!

To download the Magnolia Blocks and Quilt Top Assembly instructions in an easy to print pdf format, click the text below:

The Magnolia Mystery Quilt contains instructions for both Lap and Queen sizes which are both included in this post:

Full Magnolia Blocks

Arrange and sew together the following fabric pieces and units as listed and shown below, pressing all seams open.  Each full magnolia block should measure 14 ½” x 14 ½” (lap), 21 ½” x 21 ½” (queen).  Repeat to make a total of 7 full magnolia blocks.

4 full flower units
1 fabric C square: 2 ½” x 2 ½” (lap), 3 ½” x 3 ½” (queen)
4 fabric D rectangles: 2 ½” x 6 ½” (lap), 3 1/2” x 9 ½” (queen) 

Partial Magnolia Blocks

Arrange and sew the following fabric pieces as listed and shown below, pressing all seams open.  Each partial magnolia block should measure 14 ½” x 14 ½” (lap), 21 ½” x 21 ½” (queen).  Repeat to make a total of 4 partial magnolia blocks.

1 full flower unit
1 right partial flower unit
1 left partial flower unit
1 fabric C square: 2 ½” x 2 ½” (lap), 3 ½” x 3 ½” (queen)
2 fabric D rectangles: 2 ½” x 6 ½” (lap), 3 ½” x 9 ½” (queen) 

Trimming the Partial Magnolia Blocks

The 4 partial magnolia blocks need to be trimmed leaving a ¼” seam allowance past the seam intersections.  

When you trim the partial magnolia blocks is a personal preference, you can trim them after the partial magnolia blocks are made, after the quilt top is pieced together, or after the quilt is quilted.  My personal preference is to trim the blocks after the quilt top is sewn together but before quilting.

The enlarged view below shows the actual trim line.  Note how the trim line does not go right through the seam intersections but leaves a ¼” seam allowance.  The trimmed partial magnolia block is illustrated without this seam allowance for ease of drawing (even though it is there).

Background Blocks and Setting Triangles

The Magnolia Mystery Quilt is assembled on-point.  Below are listed the exact measurements for the  setting triangles. I prefer to add a full inch to these measurements for my setting triangles then trim to size after the quilt top is sewn together.  If you would like to increase the size of your setting triangles, add about one inch to the measurements with a *.

Note: if your fabric is at least 42 ½”, then you only need to cut 1 strip of 21 ⅛” x WOF and 3 strips of 14” x WOF.
1.  Cut 2 strips* 21 ⅛” x WOF.  (setting triangles)
         a. Sub-cut 2 squares* 21 ⅛” x 21 ⅛”.  
2. Cut 4 strips 14” x WOF. (border)

1. Cut 2 strips* 31” x WOF. (setting triangles)
         a. Sub-cut 2 squares* 31” x 31”.  
2. Cut 5 strips 18” x WOF. (border)
         a. Sub-cut 1 strip into 2 half strips 18” x 20”.
         b. Reserve remaining 4 strips.  

Cut the squares 21 ⅛” x 21 ⅛” (lap), 31” x 31” (queen) in half twice on the diagonal to form 6 setting triangles (you will have 2 extra triangles).

Quilt Top Assembly

Arrange the blocks as listed and shown below.  Sew blocks into diagonal rows then sew rows together, pressing all seams open.  The quilt top should measure approx. 60” x 40” (lap), 89 ½” x 60” (queen).

7 full magnolia block
4 partial magnolia blocks
6 side setting triangles


1. Sew 2 fabric D strips 14'' x WOF together end-to-end. Repeat to make a total of 2 pieced top/bottom strips. 

Note: if your fabric was at least 42 ½” wide and you cut 3 strips, then cut one of the strips in half and sew 1 full and 1 half strip together end to end. Repeat to make a total of 2 pieced top/bottom strips. 

2. Measure the average width of the quilt top and trim the 2 pieced top/bottom strips to fit (approx. 60'').  Attach the borders to the top and bottom of the quilt top.

1. Sew 2 fabric D strips 18” x WOF and 1 fabric D strip 18” x 20'' together end-to-end. Repeat to make a total of 2 pieced top/bottom strips. 

2. Measure the average width of the quilt top and trim the 2 pieced top/bottom strips to fit (approx. 89 ½''). Attach the borders to the top and bottom of the quilt top.


1.  Make backing:

Remove selvages from backing fabric, cut into 2 pieces (approx. 68” x WOF) and sew backing pieces together along the trimmed selvage edges using a ½” seam, pressing the seam open.  Trim backing to approx. 68” x 75”.

Remove selvages from backing fabric, cut into 3 pieces (approx. 98” x WOF) and sew backing pieces together along the trimmed selvage edges using a ½” seam, pressing seams open.  Trim backing to approx. 98” x 103”.

2.  Layer the quilt top, batting, and backing.   Baste and quilt as desired.

3.  Cut the binding fabric into 7 strips (lap), 10 strips (queen) 2 ½” x WOF.  Trim off selvages and sew together end-to-end to make the binding.  Bind and enjoy your quilt!

Share Your Quilt

You can share your in-progress and finished pictures of your mystery quilt on the Meadow Mist Designs Facebook group and on Instagram and other social media using #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt and #MeadowMistDesigns.

I will be posting instructions for entering the reveal parade and for the giveaways tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Toasty Teal - Mosaic Contest Entries

A couple of days ago, I saw on my Bloglovin feed that Rachel from Stitched in Color was having a another fabric mosaic contest.  For each mosaic contest, Rachel gives a theme and some inspirational photographs and then you get to go play, creating different fabric bundles from the fabrics available for sale at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory. I think that making digital fabric combinations (almost) satisfies my fabric tooth as much as buying actual fabric!

The theme this time was Toasty Teal and Rachel pulled together some beautiful inspirational photographs.

To make my bundles, I usually go through all of the shop's fabrics, coping any fabrics that catch my eye and I think might work into PowerPoint.  I usually start with a focus fabric in the center of the mosaic and then play around with the other fabric thumb nail images, arranging them around the center fabric.

For my first bundle, I loved the various floral prints and wanted to see how I could play with a bunch of them together in one bundle...

Bundle #1 - Floral Teal

For my second bundle I loved the combination of teals and dusty pink from one of Rachel's inspiration photos and used that as my starting point...

Bundle #2 - Teal and Dusty Rose

Which of the bundles is your favorite?  I think that the Floral Teal is mine, combining so many different floral prints is really outside of my comfort zone and it was fun to stretch myself.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretations of Toasty Teal and will hop over to Stitched in Color's blog to see the other gorgeous entries.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Pop Rocks - QuiltCon Michael Miller Challenge Quilt

The deadline for entries to QuiltCon 2018 was last night and I was happy to be able to get my challenge quilt finished and entered in time.

I made a quilt I cam calling Pop Rocks for the Michael Miller challenge.  The challenge was to create a quilt using at least two of the prints from the Our Yard collection by Sarah Campbell for Michael Miller Fabrics along with any Cotton Couture solids.  My idea was to create a "pop" with the Our Yard prints on a monochromatic, minimalist black and white quilt.

The design began in my head as more of a quarter Dresden plate design with the curves going in random directions.  From idea to actual construction, I moved to more of a paper pieced curve design (which had way too many pieces per block) to finally a template based design using curved piecing.

I played around with the design in EQ8 until I was happy with the blocks and the placement of the Our Yard prints and then I set to work making the quilt.  Here are some in progress pictures as the quilt came together...

After the blocks were sewn together, I added a black border to help ground the blocks and extend the black negative space around the design.  The quilt top measured about 43" x 51".  I used Warm & White batting (by the Warm Company) for this quilt, I find that quilts made with batting hang really well.

I took a long time to figure out how to quilt this quilt and finally decided that straight lines would play with all of the curves in the blocks really well.  I started out creating 3 chunks of straight lines, with the lines within each chunk having varied spacing (shown in red).

Then I echoed the chunks with more randomly spaced lines (shown in green).  

I used a medium gray Aurifil thread in 50 wt (#1158) which showed up enough to give impact but also blended somewhat with both the white and black fabrics.  

I even was able to use up all of the extra Our Yard fabric in the pieced back (you can see the quilting a little more on the back too)...

Overall, I am happy out how the quilt turned out and especially how the yellow fabric pops against all of the whites, grays, and blacks.  I hope that Pop Rocks gets into QuiltCon 2018, I'll let you know :)

Have you submitted a quilt to QuiltCon?

Quilt Stats:
   Name: Pop Rocks
   Size: 41" x 53"
   Design: Original by me
   Fabrics: Our Yard by Sarah Campbell and Cotton Couture, both by Michael Miller
   Batting: Warm & White by the Warm Company
   Thread: Aurifil 50wt white 2021 for piecing, Aurifil 50wt medium gray 1158 for quilting
   Quilting Design: Randomly spaced straight lines in multiple directions

Monday, November 27, 2017

Reminder - Thanksgiving Sale Ending and Ultimate Bundle Sale Announcement

Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone had a weekend full of family and fun.  I am posting today about two things...the first being that my Thanksgiving special pattern bundles are ending soon...the second being to announce the Ultimate Bundle Sale (which is crazy good).

1.  Thanksgiving Sale ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8 am EST.

For the holiday weekend have two collections available, each contains 5 digital pdf patterns for $28.75.  You can visit my Etsy shop for the I Love Pre-Cuts Collection and the I Love Paper Piecing Collection.  The collections sale will expire at tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 8 am EST.

Once in a while a offer comes by that is really too good to pass up.  When I heard about the Handmade with Love Super Bundle I had share the details with you. 

For only $29.97 you get 200 patterns and projects, plus a 6- month subscription to Make Modern, plus a free Craftsy class (if you purchase in the first four days).  A Craftsy class alone can cost over the price of the entire bundle (and I have had my eye on a new photography class to take better quilt pictures so I will be purchasing the bundle right away).  

You can get the bundle right here.

Important Bundle Info

Sale Dates: Monday, November 27th @ 8 a.m. EST to Monday, December 4th @ 11:59 p.m. EST

Price: $29.97

Earlybird Offer: FREE Craftsy offer during the first 4 days ($70 value)

The Bundle Contains All of the Following:

  • Color in Quilting: A Trio of Simple Quilt Patterns + a Lesson in Effective Color Placement by Alison Glass ($36.00) 
  • DIY Block Design: Your Designs From Sketchbook To Quilt by Alyce Blyth ($15.50) 
  • Mother’s Medallion Quilt by Becky Dietz & Cindy Leis ($35.00) 
  • Quilting Jetgirl Best Selling Patterns by Yvonne Fuchs ($30.00) 
  • Solids: Five Quilt Patterns by Lauren Terry ($10.00) 
  • Get Quilty by Elise Cripe ($18.00) 
  • Patchwork Planner & Journal by Becky Jorgensen ($14.99) 
  • 10 Simple Sewing Projects for the Home: Even If You Only Know How to Sew a Straight Line by Corey Willis ($20.00) 
  • How to Sew Japanese Sewing Patterns by Rin Gomura-Elkan ($25.00) 
  • Retro Rucksack & Penfield Pocket Tote: Two Essential Bag Sewing Patterns by Sara Curtis ($19.00) 
  • Sewing Fancy Dresses for Little Girls (Aged 3 and Under) by Tatiana Kozorovitsky ($19.99) 
  • Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get You Stitching by Nicole Bennett ($9.99) 
  • Art Caddy Tote by Virginia Lindsay ($8.00) 
  • Happytown Dolls: Maisie and Max Fly Kites by Anne Oliver ($9.99) 
  • Hipster Teddy Bear by Stephanie Woodson ($7.00) 
  • Mr and Mrs Deer: DIY Woodland Felt Decorations by Jenny Blair ($7.00) 
  • Patchwork Elephant and Baby Quilt by Abby Glassenberg ($9.00) 
  • Applique Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to Simple Applique Techniques by Leslie Rutland ($12.00) 
  • The Joy of Christmas Quilted Dinner Set by Liuxin Newman ($24.99) 
  • Baby Storybook: A Day at Home with Bearhug & Honeybun by Sedef Imer ($14.00) 
  • Lovely Liberty Cushion: A Needleturn Applique Project by Emma Jean Jansen ($10.50) 
  • A Doll Like Me: A Collection of Customizable Crochet Doll Patterns PLUS A Beginner’s Guide to Amigurumi by Stacey Trock ($20.00) 
  • Crochet Earrings by Dobi Ivanova ($7.00) 
  • Imagical Seasons: Spring, Crochet Couture for Kids 2-12 by Alla Koval ($24.95) 
  • Slouch Hat Crochet Patterns (Vol. 2) by Rebecca Langford ($7.99) 
  • The Perfect Product Line: The Grace Collection by Pam Grice ($16.00) 
  • The Plaid Collection: 14 Cozy Crochet Patterns in Classic Plaid by Bethany Dearden ($6.99) 
  • Crochet Rug Making by Morgan Roberts ($15.00) 
  • Little Miss Wheo by Carla Schwind ($5.50) 
Cross Stitch
  • Cross Stitch Pattern Collection by Susan Fitzgerald ($18.00) 
  • Geometric Birds & Animals Collection by galabornpatterns ($38.94) 
  • Spirited Animals Bundle : Queen Bee and Spirited Animals Alphabet by Dana Batho (business name Peacock & Fig) ($19.98) 
  • Summer/Winter Wreath by Jenny Van De Wiele ($10.00) 
  • Creative Cloth by Linda Matthews ($15.00) 
  • Printing on Fabric: Instinctual Mark-Making, Screen & Stencil Printing by Ellie Beck ($47.00) 
  • Shibori & Natural Dyeing Course by Francesca Stone ($25.00) 
  • Welcome to Weaving: Tips and Tricks for Weaving on a Frame Loom from Start to Finish by Lindsey Campbell ($30.00) 
  • Luna: Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern by Krystle Luvis ($13.80) 
  • 23 Easy-to-Make Christmas Ornaments: Three eBooks in One! by Erica Hite ($14.00) 
  • Embroidery Pattern Set by Pumora ($94.00) 
  • Insect Embroidery Pattern Set by Sarah Milligan ($18.00) 
  • Modern Embroidery Pattern Set by Stitcharama ($10.00) 
  • The Embroidery Project: All In The Details by Mollie Johanson ($35.00) 
  • The Girl Gang: An Embroidery Pattern Bundle by cozyblue by Liz Stiglets ($20.00) 
  • Brother Rabbit: Raised Embroidery by Anna Scott ($7.35) 
  • Cozy Christmas Knits by Jessica Bolof ($22.00) 
  • Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous by Alasdair Post-Quinn ($17.95) 
  • Essential Baby Knits by Tatsiana Matsiuk ($20.00) 
  • How To Arm Knit with Cowl, Blanket and Pouf Pattern by Anne Weil ($16.00) 
  • Weekend: Simple, Modern Knits by Jen Geigley ($27.00) 
  • Fair Isle Knitting by Liat Gat ($26.77) 
  • Fairy Tale Gloves by Shehla Ahmed ($5.99) 
  • Free 6 Month Digital Magazine Subscription + Instant Download of the Latest Issue from Make Modern ($29 value) 
  • “Rock Your Craft Fair” Digital Planner from Crochetpreneur 
You can get your bundle right here. (...and remember that if you purchase within the first 4 days you also get the free Craftsy class!)

(This e-mail contains affiliate links where if you decide to purchase a bundle I receive a small percentage of the sales price.)